There is no conclusion to the unique techniques that 1 can try to correct the dreaded crimson rings of loss of life on the Xbox 360 and the penny trick is one of individuals strategies that appears to be popular. Having said that, does it actually function?

What is associated in the Xbox 360 penny trick?

The penny trick calls for 12 pennies, some electrical tape and a warm glue gun. Initial, you need to have to open up your console and clear away the motherboard. Following you have to have to turn the motherboard upside down and find the 4 black RAM chips around the GPU.

The next step consists of generating 4 stacks of 3 pennies and then wrapping the tape around each stack so that no copper reveals. You then stick the 4 stacks to the 4 RAM chips working with a little glue. When you transform the motherboard again in excess of the pennies need to stick to the RAM.

Does it truly do the job?

The explanation this is meant to work is since the pennies that are attached to the Ram chips have produced a house under the motherboard giving it more breathing room whilst at the very same time trying to keep the RAM chips firmly hooked up to the motherboard ensuring good connections.

Though this sounds like a great take care of, however, it only appears to very last a pair of months before you get the ring of death all over again!

This could be due to the actuality that copper is a very good conductor of energy and Warmth, and heat is the last matter you want due to the fact of the Xbox 360’s overheating challenge! So it would seem to be that the penny trick is actually a poor man’s X-clamp correct and is not a lasting correct!

A long lasting take care of for the purple ring of demise!

A much improved answer to the purple ring of demise is to spend in a expert Xbox 360 mend tutorial. These guides assistance you get to the root of the Xbox 360’s overheating dilemma and clearly show you how to deal with it forever.

The great factor about these guides is that they have been created by experts in the market, not by some techno geek or would-be specialists! A professional repair service information will include a set of large good quality demonstration movies so that you can see particularly what is included.

So instead than employing unapproved procedures to resolve the red ring of death, the greatest information I can give you is to get a person of these guides. They only price about 30 bucks which is a modest value to pay out when thinking of that they will demonstrate how to permanently repair the ring of death in less than 1 hour!