Does your Xbox 360 have the RROD, E74, or some other popular mistake? Are you perplexed about which Xbox 360 resolve is proper for you?

Numerous owners are confused with the quantity of achievable Xbox 360 fixes out there to them all more than the Net.

Most individuals are out to uncover the quickest correct doable, but you need to have to be certain to watch out for those people so named “speedy fixes”. Some of all those rapid fixes include things like the towel trick, which will involve wrapping your Xbox 360 in a towel, and the toothpick/paperclip trick, which consists of halting the fans with toothpicks or paperclips. The towel, toothpick, and paperclip trick are three really very well acknowledged Xbox 360 fixes, and are found all about YouTube. Both so-named fixes are dangerous to your method, and I would strongly advise that you keep absent from them. These fixes about-heat the whole technique, as an alternative of just focusing on the challenge areas, causing more challenges than you even had in advance of.

Both of the tips I pointed out beforehand will give you a working Xbox 360 for about a 7 days max. That is, if you don’t hurt the technique all through the procedure. The towel and the toothpick trick equally are built to heat up your Xbox 360 so that the solder of the GPU chip can reattach to the mom board. The GPU is a personal computer chip that is practically often accountable for resulting in the Pink Rings of Demise (RROD). Now most of the time you can relatively reattach the GPU to the motherboard with the towel or toothpick trick, but there are two key troubles/threats. The initially problem is that the procedure by itself does not deliver ample heat to completely reattach the GPU to the motherboard. An additional hazard is that the motherboard is not thoroughly insulated. Without the need of the motherboard becoming correctly insulated, you operate the threat of harming other parts of the mother board. The Xbox 360 motherboard can by no means be correctly insulated unless you just take your console aside. If a deal with does not involve opening your console, it is most very likely not likely to operate, or it will last for a extremely small period of time.

So, if your guarantee is up and you are identified to repair your Xbox 360 by your self, remain away from the towel trick, the tooth choose trick, and any other so known as rapid fix that does not involve you to open up up your console.