I personal a golf cart dealership found in North Florida. We provide and support golf carts, the two electric powered and gas powered. At our dealership there are considerably more electric powered run golf carts that we mend than there are gas. I would say we see about a hundred electric carts to every gas driven in our company department. This is not because gas automobiles are so much superior and involve fewer servicing.

The purpose for the mass difference is because of to our spot. We are in North Florida. Flat with no any hills North Florida. We are also in a State that has been very “go inexperienced” helpful. As a result, not definitely a substantial demand from customers for gasoline powered golf carts for the not so hilly greens. And proper alongside with each and every electric golfing cart is the golfing cart’s battery charger. We have stroll-ins each and every 7 days bringing us these chargers for us to diagnose.

From time to time the charger is just fantastic indicating that there is a difficulty on the golf cart which we then program for pickup. On the other hand, the the vast majority of the time the first plug in exam indicates some type of failure with the battery charger. There is a pretty very good possibility that the ability surge demon attacked the battery charger. We reside in an place of North Florida that has far more than our reasonable share of electrical electrical power surges. And if that is not terrible ample we also working experience a terrific variety of afternoon thunderstorms accompanied by ample lightening that would have produced Ben Franklin want to stay below!

These electricity surges and electrical spikes look for and wipe out just about any electrical circuit in their route. We after dropped our microwave, espresso maker (May Working day, Could Working day,… ) transportable telephones, laptop or computer and printer all in the exact same afternoon! Sure I know, we need to have moved! These surge demons have a mission in intellect to look for and demolish, like golfing cart battery chargers. Right after fixing a customer’s battery charger we check with them if they have a surge protector in the circuit that they use for their golfing cart’s charger. Individuals, we already know the remedy. Most of them have the darnedest search on their faces when we stimulate them to place a surge protector ahead of their charger in order to defend it from harming surges and spikes. They can acquire a single from us or anywhere they pick. But the thought ought to be place into area just before yet another fix price tag is incurred due to these electrical demons.

We had a buyer that didn’t concur with our guidance and paid out for his charger repair and went on his way. a few of months later on he was back seeking his battery charger warrantied. People, the electronic regulator board was burnt just as the to start with time we repaired his charger. Just one of the greater demons will have to have attacked it and strike so tough that it pretty much blew a few of factors off of the circuit board.

After display and explain to with the fellow and conveying that a energy surge/spike did the harm again, he paid us and went and purchased a surge protector and we have not found the man’s charger given that. I know he purchased one particular for he referred to as us from a person of the big box merchants inquiring about just one of the protectors he was on the lookout at if it would get the job done Alright for his charger. Are living and find out. My mother used to say that some individuals just never learn the easy way. They have to be strike twice just before they discover to duck. In present-day culture the university of hard knocks isn’t struggling from a absence of college students, which is for guaranteed.

I hope I have communicated these ideas in a good way that aids us recognize the have to have for a surge protector to be installed in the energy circuit to the golfing cart’s battery charger. And in doing so you will stop obtaining to shell out for highly-priced repairs induced by the “electrical demons” of electrical power surges and electrical spikes. With the close final result of you conserving revenue and having greater treatment of your golfing cart. It is for these points why I compose. I create for you and your comprehending of your golf cart. Thank you for having the time to examine what I have to say. You honor me by doing so. Okay, right up until next time we satisfy, get out there and appreciate your golf cart. Right after all, isn’t really that what you acquired it for? MKR