I propose a “Manta Ray” Design self-burying landmine grid program, which works by using swarm and haptic robotic re-organization principle to fill in the holes remaining from enemy intrusion. A “Manta Ray” mimicking robot, which vibrates can swiftly bury itself.

The virtual grid in which the land mines occupy will allow for for designs, which are algorithm controlled by encrypted satellite command relay. The shape of the land mines will be a little lobster like entire body with substantial circular or octagonal mesh wired element. The entire body will dig a hole for itself and then the mesh grid will reduced itself to the surface area and then jiggle until eventually it is included. (have drawings). Because we know the hottest actual locations of the minefield a blue pressure army, downed pilot or unique force groups could transverse the minefield making use of a PDA-GPS machine thoroughly dodging all the land mines. Any attempt to comply with them would be positive death for people who pursue. Consider the story of the “Parting of the Crimson Sea!” I additional suggest the Blue Power computer software assistance technique about the self-healing minefield grid be named PRS.

The land mines will deactivate by satellite, ahead of re-configuring and then as soon as properly buried in area be reactivated. After the war they can be deactivated or discharged, to reduce the many thousands killed and maimed every yr from land mines of wars gone bye.