1) H2o taxi on the Venice Canal – You by no means know when some American tourist just completed looking at Mel Brooks’ motion picture ‘SpaceBalls’ and decides to entertain mates by performing like the neurotic robot. If your proposed to be laughs at the tourist yelling “virgin warn, virgin notify,” possibilities are she’s not paying interest to your knee bending overall performance.

2) Large noon on the golfing program – Nicely, cowboy, in some cases, it truly is not clever to sink 18 balls into 18 different holes in front of your potential fiancee. She may perhaps think you continue to want to keep hitting that industry. She’s probably already jealous you invest much more time stroking your luscious inexperienced magnificence than her.

3) In front of your mom – Before baby photos begin twirling close to in her head, your mom might grab that ring prior to your betrothed to be discovers mom even now bathes you.

4) At the zoo in entrance of the elephants – Do you genuinely want her to examine dimensions? The elephant will gain each and every time. Surprise, surprise.

5) Future to the girl breastfeeding her baby – It is a foreshadowing of items to come for her. She might spontaneously recognize the institution of marriage may perhaps institutionalize her.

6) Though a pet dog is doing his bowel business enterprise – It will jar her thoughts and make her surprise if she would like to select up and offer with your crap.

7) Through a horror motion picture – Undertaking your laundry is frightening plenty of.

8) Inside King Tut’s Tomb – The engagement ring may possibly develop into viral… and her mummy may possibly conclude up dwelling with you for a prolonged, extended time. The curse carries on, then your mom moves in, as well.

9) For the duration of intercourse – Choose a day when tiny Jimmy is not obtaining erectile dysfunction. This is vital. You don’t want her to think your magic leg is always broken. She could call a restore male and conclusion up with him.

10) In a jacuzzi – H2o is never ever conducive to increasing assurance in any predicament. Remember what occurred to Seinfeld’s pal, George Costanza, when he played pool boy for a working day.

11) At a psychiatrist’s business – She likely thinks you are already crazy and stupid. You don’t want her to affirm it.

12) Though she squeezes into a gown way too tiny for her substantial mind – Don’t ask. Will not say something.

13) Whilst you stare at one more female – If your nerves get the finest of you, the other female may well speculate if you are proposing to her, instead. You can always check with the other woman to propose for you.

14) Whilst she attempts on sneakers – In fact invest in her all those lovely, costly, bunion makers in advance of proposing. Who wishes to marry a inexpensive skate?