Motorola SB6120 vs SB6121 – Which To Select?

You required to purchase the Motorola SB6120 but your good friend explained to you to buy the SB6121. So you are not sure which of these Motorola modems to invest in now. Don’t get worried, you need to be able to get a crystal clear image on Motorola SB6120 vs SB6121 stacks up in this report and make the proper selection.

What Are The Motorola SB6120 and SB6121 Modems?

Prior to you carry on to examine the SB6120 vs SB6121, the most critical stage to notice is that both of these two modems from Motorola are modems that are compliant to the DOCSISĀ® 3. regular. What this signifies is that they are very speedy modems and theoretically you can get data prices of much more than 100 Mbps in equally instructions by way of the use of channel bonding technologies. They are also backward suitable to DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 1.x and 2. and supports IPv4 and IPv6.

What Is DOCSIS 3. And Why Is It Essential?

DOCSIS stands for Data Over Cready Service Interface Specification. Motorola labored jointly with a consortium led by Cablelabs to release the DOCSIS 3. specification in August 2006. DOCSIS 3. is crucial simply because with DOCSIS 3., cable web vendors are in a position to present extremely-quickly broadband solutions through the use of channel bonding systems.

How Does Channel Bonding Will work?

Conceptually this is really straightforward. Just envision proper now you have a data channel that offers you a highest throughput of 40 Mbps of details. What if you can broaden this 4 instances? With the DOCSIS 3. specifications, you will get theoretically 4 x 40 Mbps or a whopping 160 Mbps of throughput. That’s why most consumers of either SB6120 or SB6121 will discover that they get an great pace surge when they switch around to both modems.

SB6120 vs SB6121 – A Comparison Of The Specs

I do not want to reproduce the technological specs here but you could quickly obtain the complex technical specs from the Motorola internet site or the website link at the bottom. In each individual comparison basis, for example when you are evaluating the SB6120 vs SB6121, the least complicated way to see the variance is to place them aspect by facet. On the other hand with these two and as much as the technical technical specs are concerned there are no distinctions at all!!!

Nevertheless there are some extremely minor dissimilarities in these spots:

  • Modem condition – The SB6120 is more rectangular and boxy in form while the SB6121 is rectangular but rounded in shape. The SB6120 is a little bit more substantial but thinner at 146mm x 146mm x 38mm whilst that of the SB6121 is smaller sized and thicker at 133mm x 133mm x 42mm.
  • Modem price tag – Relying on which service provider you acquire the modem from, the SB6121 could be priced higher by a handful of bucks as in comparison with the SB6120.
  • Modem Availability – As Motorola is replacing the SB6120 with the SB6121, you could uncover that retailers could run out of the SB6120 as they will not be replenished as shares are cleared.

SB6120 vs SB6121 – Which to Get?

By now you would have occur to a distinct summary. The motive you are hunting at a comparison of SB6120 vs SB6121 is due to the fact you want a fast blazing modem so that you can enjoy your web practical experience be it for function, surfing, enjoyment or playing game titles. Both modems will supply that.

As equally products are 95% similar, your option really appear to whether you are eager to acquire an outdated product or service box style and design that is discontinued by the manufacturer or get the most up-to-date redesigned box for a number of dollars far more.