Modern day third generation supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, programs reply on LAN or WAN infrastructure and use common and open IP protocols for conversation. Though one of the rewards of these SCADA techniques is that they are obtainable from the Online, protection challenges arise as there is no secondary or backup checking, recording, and archiving remedy.

The human-device interface, or HMI, lies at the coronary heart of any SCADA procedure and makes it possible for operators to observe or regulate integrated elements in authentic time. Archiving all images that are displayed on the HMI is crucial for safety, teaching, good quality handle, and authorized functions. In buy for the system to seize and history all HMI functions nevertheless however sustain stability, an exterior product must be utilised and the SCADA technique alone really should not be altered in any way.

The solution to external SCADA monitoring and recording then is to use an external body grabber that is impartial of the SCADA technique itself and operates on a diverse network infrastructure. For movie capture of the HMI, an external network body grabber that is capable to get images instantly from the VGA steam really should be utilised.

External grabbers act as a bridge amongst the SCADA HMI and a laptop or computer that is made use of for recording and archiving the captured photos. An external network body grabber, these types of as the VGA2Ethernet, is able to grab the DVI or VGA signal originating from the HMI, digitize it, compress it, and send out it in excess of a LAN to 1 or far more desktops, a risk-free repository, or an exterior server.

Making use of an exterior VGA frame grabber for movie seize indicates that it is constantly feasible to backup the facts movement from the SCADA technique into a distant and secure place that is bodily separated from the bulk of the SCADA program, incorporating a different layer of security and administration.