Manager is a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments and equipment based mostly in Japan. The corporation is a subdivision of Roland, 1 of the premier producers of musical instruments in the environment. Over the yrs, Manager has produced a quantity of popular products and solutions, ranging from guitar distortion pedals to drum machines and samplers. One particular of its most enduring products and solutions, which is nonetheless extensively employed now regardless of obtaining been first released above two decades back, is the SE-50 multi-results processor.

The SE-50 was the first 50 %-rack multi-outcomes processor created by Boss and was primarily built with guitarists in mind. The results unit is outfitted with an array of effects usual of these units, together with distortion, refrain and flanger. Uncommon, even so, is the inclusion of a 7-band digital vocoder. In overall the device offers 28 preset algorithms, 9 of which are reverb-only effects.

Even though the Boss SE-50 was at first conceived as a guitar multi-effects processor, in latest years it has gained level of popularity among the numerous harsh EBM bands. These musicians use the unit’s pitch shifter effect to system vocals both equally reside and on recordings. The SE-50’s pitch shifter (patch 112), gives 4 frequency bands, every single of which can be detuned independently. This impact, and by extension the SE-50 alone, has appear to define the processed vocals of a quantity of modern electro-industrial bands. Extensively-utilised options incorporate pitching the best two frequency bands up a single to two semitones whilst at the same time detuning the decrease bands by a related amount of money. This is then mixed with vocal styles comparable to those people employed in some kinds of excessive steel, such as significant or reduced-pitched screams and growls.

End users should note that the SE-50 shops presets utilizing an inside battery, equivalent to people observed in watches and other shopper electronics, which has a lifespan of significantly less than 5 yrs. When this electric power offer fails, which is to be envisioned owing to the SE-50’s age, all user-defined parameters will revert to manufacturing unit presets. Replacing the battery will restore the SE-50’s capacity to help save consumer presets, although options which ended up not saved on an external backup method may well not be retrievable.

Irrespective of the unit’s shortcomings, the fact that it is widely obtainable at costs fewer than $100 has ensured its popular use among the several guitarists and electronic musicians. Bands that have utilized the SE-50 include Nine Inch Nails, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk,:wumpscut:, Information Modern society, Suicide Commando, Die Krupps, Grendel and Tactical Sekt.